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Success Story


SPY Optic for Protect Our Winters

Protect Our Winters Pacific Palisades, CA



Thanks so much for supporting the campaign for Protect Our Winters! Your contributions exceeded our goal and raised $655! This money will go directly to POW, to help reduce climate change’s effect on sport and mountain communities, and you get to rock SPY gear using your $25 coupons!   Go to for an awesome selection of sunglasses, goggles and other rad stuff.   Thanks again!The SPY team

Spy_logo SPY Optic


Chris Ennis Racing Kickoff For Christopher Ennis San Diego, CA

Now is your chance to help sponsor Chris Ennis Racing while getting a cool pair of shades in the process! For every $40 gift card you purchase 50% of the proceeds will help benefit Chris's racing effort. Help him hit the dirt with Spy Optics!

Northern Kings Basketball Team Disney Tournament For Northern Kings Basketball Team Toronto, ON

Help raise money to fund the team's trip to the world famous Disney Tournament.  The Kings are one of the best, if not THE best teams in Ontario...  but now it's time to take it on the road and see how they fare against some of the best teams in America.  Money raised will help us purchase plane tickets, pay the tournament fees and get hotel rooms.

SPY Optic for Protect Our Winters For Protect Our Winters Pacific Palisades, CA

Protect Our Winters is the environmental center point of the global winter sports community, united towards a common goal of reducing climate change’s effects on our sports and local economies. With over 50,000 supporters worldwide, POW re-invests contributions in educational initiatives, activism and community-based programs. POW was founded on the idea that the collective power of the winter sports community is massive, and if we can all work together, the end result can be revolutionary.  To learn more, go to

SPY for Waves For Water's Hurricane Sandy Relief Initiative For Waves For Water Carlsbad, CA

Waves for Water has coordinated a full-fledged Hurricane Relief Initiative in response to Super Storm Sandy that has absolutely decimated the North Eastern seaboard.Though they normally focus on clean water, this time they are addressing the initial survival needs on many levels from first responder assistance to rubble removal and ultimately the rebuilding efforts. They have extensive experience with disaster relief that puts them in a unique position to help organize, mobilize and deploy a strategic response initiative for the victims of Sandy.They are focusing primarily on the surf-based coastal communities in Jersey and NY to start. They look at W4W effort specifically as a vessel for the surf community to funnel their support through, specifically addressing the families and businesses of the surf communities that were wiped out.W4W is also serving as a bridge connecting the global surf community directly to our brothers and sisters in need along the East Coast that have been the pillars of their community for generations. It’ll be a long road… but one foot in front of the other, we will get there…

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